Tri-TAC is broken into three technical committees (Air Committee, Land Committee, and Water Committee) to address a large number of issues each year. Examples  of key topics addressed by the committees are listed below:

Air Committee Odor Control
  Diesel Emission Controls
  RMP Programs
  Title V Permitting
  Health Risk Assessment
  Security and Vulnerability Assessment
  Environmental Justice Issues
Land Committee Land Application of Biosolids
  Biosolids Reuse Options
  Regional Facilities
  Statewide General Order
  Public Acceptance of Recycling
  Outreach to the Public and Interest Groups
Water Committee Permitting Issues
  Total Maximum Daily Loads
  Effluent Dependent Waterways Issues
  Water Quality Plans & Policies
  Sanitary Sewer Overflows
  State Revolving Fund Loan Program
  State Enforcement Policy Issues

CalFOG Work Group

The California Fats, Oils, and Grease work group (Cal FOG) was formed in 2001 as a result of increased regulatory focus on FOG-related sanitary sewer overflows. The work group consists of wastewater agency, regulator, consulting firm, and restaurant and related industry representatives. The focus of the work group is to utilize collective resources to develop FOG control tools and to provide technical support and information to the work group members. Click here for the CalFOG website.


Committee Issue Summaries

 Click here to see a list of downloadable Committee Issue Summaries, which are intended to provide background information on issues being worked on by each Committee, as well as a summary of the current status of the issue. The issues are divided into air, land, and water related issues.



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